FS-S-A12+E - 800x800mm - 150kg/300kg/500kg/1000kg

: Excellent Scale
: 150kg/0.02kg , 300kg/0.05kg , 500kg/0.1kg , 1000kg/0.2kg
: 0.02kg - 1000kg
: Rp. 15.000.000
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* Checkered plate material of upper construction

* Suitable for weighing of hoisting goods,

   forklift truck shoveling and manual transport

* Easy adjust the level by adjusting feet


According The Function Have 7 Option Model Indicator :

E8A / A7 / A1+P / A9P / A15E / 315A1 / A12E


Platform Size : 800 x 800mm          

Capacity       : 150kg/0.02kg, 300kg/0.05kg, 500kg/0.1kg, 1000kg/0.2kg




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